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Steel Doors Online is based in London. We supply Internal Steel Door systems all over the United Kingdom.

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Internal Steel doors at the Best Prices

Steel Doors Online is part of Design Plus London Limited. Design Plus have been supplying custom made steel doors. These doors are for both internal and external uses. However, we know that steel doors can be rather expensive. That is why we created STEEL DOORS ONLINE.

We offer Internal Slim Steel Doors at great prices.

Our offer

Our Internal Slim Steel Door system can be installed by DIYers, Trades people and even those with minimal tool experience. 

We have offer a system that makes it easy to combine single and double doors with fixed panels. Simply measure your opening. Select the frame design and colour. Choose your preferred handle. And you are on your way to beautiful slim steel doors and screens.

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Our Doors

Internal Steel doors F8 Design Plus 06

Single doors

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Double doors

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Internal Screens

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Our shop allows you to combine single and double doors with fixed panels. To create internal walls of glass and steel!